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A New Year, A New Look, A New Garden

Happy New Year to everyone.

What an amazing year it has become. First, I would like to say thank you for stopping by Imagine, A Permaculture World. I hope for those whom remember this website it was nearly in shambles and it had so much potential.

If anyone doesn't know Christine, she's the President of the board for Imagine, A Permaculture World. I met her via my wife, Lor. Through a chain of events from visiting the permaculture garden in Oak Harbor and having lunch-ins right after. Then hanging out at her own home with an amazing garden as well, one thing lead to another and I had asked if there was a website for her non-for-profit garden. Next thing you know I'm building a mock website in hopes of the board members realizing the power of what a sleek, professional, beautiful, informative, and friendly website can look like.

Next thing you know the board members really liked the vision I had for the online presence for Imagine!

Talk about a near to panic attack.... Months later, and email chains from everyone; we finally have what is something of a giant step forward.

My dream and goal for our website is to be a place everyone in the world can see the beautiful work we do here. I hope in the future I can teach what I've learned from gardening and being apart of the permaculture world.

Personally I'm not a gardener. What I've found in myself is two things. One, I'm really good with goals which are obtainable. Second, I'm not a gardener. I'm a work-horse. I love work which gets the blood moving and is all about moving stones from one place to another. Imagine, taught me those aspects need nurturing in me. Though it is the Winter season, everyday we're gaining roughly 2 minutes of sunlight back till day lights savings is past. Oddly enough I've found myself missing the weekend work I do at the garden.

Some things to look forward to at the garden if you ever have an afternoon to visit. Firstly, we're in the works of building a new tool shed for the garden adjacent to the already built shed. Secondly, we're also planning on building a trellis in the middle of the garden for our vines to crawl and grow along. This will be something of a 'canopy' like image which reaches back to the infamous cob wall at the back of the garden. Everyone is welcomed to visit and help out in anyway possible.

Thank you again for reading and enjoying the Imagine website. I hope to blog again some time soon.

-Mr. Graves

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